Painful Sex Workshop

This workshop is designed for anyone who could be dealing with painful intercourse. We may not talk about this much and may not want to but it is real and it happens to many of us women! This can include initial insertion, deep penetration, or after intercourse pain. This can also include the lack of arousal or orgasm. Did you know your pelvic floor plays a huge roll in sexual function?

Let's stop having pain with intercourse!

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Here's how the Workshop works:


Develop an understanding of your Pelvic Floor and intercourse.

Learn the coordination between intercourse and the pelvic floor!


Understand why intercourse is painful.

You will be able to self-diagnose what all is happening!


Learn how to reduce painful sex ASAP!

You will be able to implement tools to stop having painful sex and improve your sexual function!

Ready to Improve your Sexual Function?

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