Pelvic Floor Pushing Prep Workshop

This course should be taken around 30-36 weeks of pregnancy. This class goes over how to prepare your body for labor and delivery as well as an intro into postpartum recovery and rehab. We will teach you the balance between strength and stretching and the evidence behind the WHY. Our goal is to reduce vaginal tears, tailbone dislocations, and maternal exhaustion leading to cesarean delivery.

Let's prepare for this marathon mamas!

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Here's how the Workshop works:


Develop an understanding of Labor and Delivery progressions

Learn exactly what happens during labor and delivery so you know what to expect and how to react!


Create a mind-body connection with pelvic floor, core and breath so you can push properly during childbirth

Walk away with a full understanding of how the pelvic floor plays a roll in childbirth!


Jump into Labor and Delivery positions that feel comfortable for YOUR body

Every person is different just like every pelvis is different so make the most out of your delivery through a great position!

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