Postpartum Recovery Workshop

This FREE class goes over the physical challenges that occur weeks 0-10 after delivery. We will cover all the things no one tells you about postpartum including how to pee, poop, and when to have sex. We will review how to functionally engage your pelvic floor and restore your core to reduce urinary leakage and pelvic organ prolapse as well as diastasis recti!

This is a class all mamas should take!

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Here's how the Workshop works:


Develop an understanding of what all happens in the postnatal phase

Learn exactly what happens after childbirth so you know what to expect and how to react!


Create a mind-body connection with pelvic floor, core and breath so you can move without fear of making something worse!

Walk away with a full understanding of how the pelvic floor plays daily life


Jump into common things to look for so you can prevent issues years and years down the road

Every person is different so it is crucial to understand your body and the possibilities that can occur!

Ready to recover from childbirth?

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